Fall Snow


So indulgent, those first few hours as the new snow lays upon the branches and coats a world white.

I had a friend whose mother would make special ‘snow flake’ cookies on the day of the first snow.

We waited with baited breath for leaden skies to give forth their offerings.

Finally, so innocently joyous as our lips dusted with powdered sugar tasted newly made winter.

Summer is Coming

One forgets the chill of an Ohio winter on a day like today.
Stepping out of the air conditioning , the sun blazing on the sidewalks, the humidity boiling in the atmosphere.
Lungs can barley suck in the blanketed oppression and sweat accumulates as we sigh with torpidity.
Oh, if only it could all be bottled and let loose in the midst of January.
The house would be heated for a week.

Is this the swelter before the storm?
I wonder?

Memorial Day


Memorial Day

The sky is drooling gray on this day to celebrate the dead.

Lying a bed the extra hours, grateful.

Sacrificial spring is cold.

Still there is clamor on the street

Anticipating the parade,

Honoring and remembering

Remembering enforced duty with little option.

No fan of waste am I.

The dying always die.

We watch through black and white to verdant color

Appling polemic practice

To steady motives against attrition

The parade passes and remembering,

Wonder silently, the question;

Does the world need a parent?