101 Things To Do In Ohio

Call your elected officials!

Senators: Robert (Rob) Portman (202) 224-3353

Sherrod Brown (202) 224-2315

House of Representatives: Pat Tiberi (202) 225-5355

            Note: A look at Mr. Tiberi’s district is to see gerrymandering at its finest. If the boundaries were drawn in a normal fashion I might be in Joyce Beatty’s district. I am sure she will not mind a call.

Joyce Beatty (202) 255-4324

            This week I am going to request my elected officials look into getting rid of the Electoral College.

(Where is it? Can I attend? Do they have a football team?)

Some years ago when another candidate won the popular vote but was denied a victory by this body, I asked myself why, why is it still in existence when it seems its purpose in modern times is to deny the power of the individual vote and foster corruption? In the last election one candidate holds a victory margin, as of today, of 2,841,862 votes, the “popular vote”. These votes represent 2,841,862 people who are basically told “Sorry your vote does not count.” To my mind this fact constitutes voter fraud at its most egregious. How can we as a nation promote the values of democracy throughout the world when our own system is so completely flawed? The time for the Electoral College to be dismantled has come, perhaps too late, but it should still be done.

Governor of the State of Ohio

John Kasich (614) 466-3555

            I include his number, because in the next few weeks bills will be crossing his desk that detrimentally effect the women in the State of Ohio.

I am going to give him a call too.

Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa is undergoing a major boom in construction. Though the country has its economic hurtles, things are moving forward. The weather seems perfect to me, sunny days in the 70s. The locals say it is hotter than usual and express concern over global warming. Most people here think very highly of President Obama and by extension America. I do not think they are following our election politics too closely.

Ethiopian Air

The seat looks like a throne.
Never taken a trip quite like this, business class on Ethiopian Air. Very nice, lots of leg room and attendants providing for one’s every need. Business class, Business class, probably never to be experienced again, but for now it makes for a convincing mantra.
It is not lost on me that as I fly into Addis Ababa I become the privileged by virtue of the high standard of living afforded to those of my nationality. Time to expand the head space.