Solstice 2016

Today is solstice day.
I love the warm months in the first half of the year, in part because the light grows making each day feel like renewal.
Today we hit the peak, this year a day of sun and a short night with a full moon.
Happy Solstice Day!
Today let’s store up enough energy and warmth to power us through the darkest winter months ahead.


I love weather. It is endlessly variable and fascinating. This year it has provided us with plenty to do, not an easy winter this. Being plunged into the icy firmament of the far north makes us appreciate with fondness gentler times and as January nears it’s end we are left with still apprehensive questions which with time might soon be answered.
Just how low does the temperature have to fall before the pipes break in the basement?
For what length of time does a person have to stand outside without gloves before the fingers lose all sensation?
Will my car start in the morning?
Is it possible to throw hot water into the frosty ether without getting burned?
What will my heating bill look like at the end of the month?
Can I maintain the status quo of a two blanket bed?
Will the snow ever go away?
Is February going to be like January or will it be worse?
Will spring eventually come?


It is cold. The folks in the true upper Midwest who have been clasped in the arms of frozen winter for weeks and weeks are probably rolling their collective eyes. Still for me, untried this year and battle soft, it is cold!

Fall Snow


So indulgent, those first few hours as the new snow lays upon the branches and coats a world white.

I had a friend whose mother would make special ‘snow flake’ cookies on the day of the first snow.

We waited with baited breath for leaden skies to give forth their offerings.

Finally, so innocently joyous as our lips dusted with powdered sugar tasted newly made winter.