There is a lot to be said for thorough cleanliness, spartan simplicity, all access bathroom and shower stall and $16 a night in Osaka. Surprisingly quiet and comfortable with a free snack of Octopus fritters, takiyaki, thrown in and a full moon over Japan.


Connecting with your flight in Detroit, they prepare you with visual psychedelics.
This rather effective notion could be applied in other stress related environments: dental offices, the DMV, family gatherings.
Way to go Detroit.




Anna Vander Molen

      My Novel       Boswell                  is done!                                   It has only taken me 4 years.                                      Whew!                          Now comes the hard part, finding people who love it as much as I do to see it through to publication and beyond.

The snow moon caught in the morning branches.

Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa is undergoing a major boom in construction. Though the country has its economic hurtles, things are moving forward. The weather seems perfect to me, sunny days in the 70s. The locals say it is hotter than usual and express concern over global warming. Most people here think very highly of President Obama and by extension America. I do not think they are following our election politics too closely.